Charm your viewers with a branded channel for everything

Live-streaming or videos on-demand. Podcasts, images, or slide decks. Public or access-restricted. We got you all covered in one CincoTube.


Video management at your fingertips

Upload, record, and store content in your own Video Library.

Keep all your videos safe from unwanted viewers

Keep track of how your videos are performing

Collaborate with your whole team

Create training videos, product demos, or record personalized sales videos directly from our platform. Add interactive elements and share anywhere.

Embrace enterprise-grade security, single-sign-on, and extensive permission settings to protect your valuable assets.

Understand what’s going on behind-the-scenes of all your videos with real-time reporting, heatmaps and drop offs.

Centralize video assets with shared media libraries, assign roles and enjoy real-time collaboration. Leave comments, subscribe and stay connected.

Trusted by SMB and Enterprise Worldwide


One platform, limitless opportunities

Where content creators thrive

Go live and create engagement.

Spark excitement with interactive elements and live streaming on the go.

Adaptable to all screens.

Responsive across all devices, so your viewers can watch anytime, anywhere.

Create a community for your fans.

Enjoy likes, comments, shares and subscribers.

Empowering educators everywhere

Track progress and students.

Use video data to grade students and send that data to your CRM.

Access restrict students.

Limit what resources a student has access to directly from your dashboard.

Keep the focus on you.

Create video playlists on auto-play so your students can sit back and learn.

Your trusted partner for enterprise

Enterprise-grade security
Choose who can access what content with SSO, domain whitelisting and role permissions.

Turn viewers into customers.
Drive leads and grow engagement with interactive video elements like CTAs, forms and auto-generated captions.

Boost productivity.
Auto-upload zoom recordings, find what you need faster with searchable captions or tags, and comment in real time.

Rave reviews from our valued clients


CincoTube has been a game-changer for my marketing team. We have been able to collaborate in real-time and upload videos from around the web to gain inspiration.

We love the analytics to give us data-driven insight onto our videos.


CincoTube for internal communication is fantastic! My team is able to automatically integrate with Zoom so all of our uploads get stored in one secure place.

Access restriction has helped us to monitor who sees what when!


Managing my online course platform through CincoTube has been great. I am able to track what my students are watching, give them access based on their course and learning level and comment in real-time

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